During the course of Multimedia Playground '95 a selection of more than 50 commercially available CD-ROMs, screened by Exploratorium staff, teachers, parents, and students was presented. Some of these titles are available for purchase at the Exploratorium Gift Shop.

CD-ROM Titles

Addison-Wesley Interactive Physics II
Arborescence / C-Wave Forever Growing Garden
Broderbund Myst
California Indian Library Collections Miwok Indians
California Indian Library Collections Pomo Indians
Cambrix Publishing Anglo-Saxons
Cambrix Publishing Earthquakes: Be Prepared
CD Technology/MediAlive America Alive
CD Technology/MediAlive Asia Alive
CD Technology/MediAlive Europe Alive
CD Technology/MediAlive Sing an American Story
Compton's New Media Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia
Computer Curriculum Little Turtle
Computer Curriculum Ocean Escape
Creative Multimedia Gus Goes to Cyberopolis
Crunch Media Brief History of Time
Delorme Mapping Global Explorer
Delorme Mapping Map `n' Go
Delorme Mapping Street Atlas USA
Disc Manufacturing, Inc. (DMI) DMI Interactive Gallery
Edmark Imagination Express
Edmark Thinkin' Things 2
Electric Quilt Company Electric Quilt, v.2
Great Wave Software Number Maze
Grolier Electronic Publishing Wyatt Earp's Old West
Ignition Inc. Amnesty Interactive
IVI Publishing What is a bellybutton?
Knowledge Systems Development of Technology, Volume 1
Live Oak Multimedia, Inc. 4 Paws of Crab
Living Books Arthur's Birthday
Living Books Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Living Books Harry and the Haunted House
Living Books Little Monster at School
Living Books Ruff's Bone
Lucas Arts Entertainment Rebel Assault
Maxis Sim City 2000
Maxis Sim Town
Maxis Widget Workshop
Mecc Storybook Weaver
Mecc Troggle Trouble Math
Mecc Yukon Trail
Medior En Passant: Experiences in Interactive Shopping
Microsoft Cinemania `95
Microsoft Explorapedia
Microsoft Frank Lloyd Wright
Moanalua Gardens Foundation Sea Search
Multicom Publishing Inc. Better Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Gardening
Multicom Publishing Inc. Better Homes and Gardens Cool Crafts
Multicom Publishing Inc. Journey to the Planets
Multicom Publishing Inc. National Parks of America
Multicom Publishing Inc. Wines of the World
New Media Schoolhouse Swiss Family Robinson
New Media SchoolhouseTime Traveler CD
Omnimedia / Screenplay International Treasure Hunt
Opcode Musical World of Professor Piccolo
Opportune Press Visionary Stampede
Paramount Interactive Rock Rap `n Roll
Putnam New Media Anno's Learning games
Putnam New Media Cartoon history of the universe
Queue Black American History
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Cat Came Back
Software Marketing Company Bodyworks 3.0
Software Marketing Company Chemistry Works
Spectrum Holobyte Iron Helix
StarPress Multimedia Safety Scavenger Hunt
Sumeria Micronesia Ocean Life, Volume 2
Sumeria Scientific American: Exploring Ancient Cities
Synergy 100 Japanese Photographers, 1993
Synergy Faces of Summer
Synergy Gadget
Synergy L-Zone
Transparent Language French Now!
Transparent Language Spanish Now!
Van Nostrand Reinhold Great Buildings Collection
Vicarious CNN Time Capsule
Voyager Company Complete Maus
Voyager Company Donald A. Norman: Defending Human Attributes.....
Voyager Company Hard Day's Night
Voyager Company Macbeth
Voyager Company Poetry In Motion
Voyager Company Salt of the Earth
Voyager Company Shining Flower
Voyager Company Spinal Tap
Wayzata Technology Earthcare Interactive

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