Special Projects

During the course of Multimedia Playground '95 a number of presentations were made on the exhibit floor by artists, community groups, and museums who have created multimedia projects. The intention of this area was to provide exposure to projects that have been produced largely on a non-commercial basis. Projects included:

Four Paws of Crab, a narrative Thai cookbook presented by Nora Bateson from Live Oak Multimedia and accompanied by vegetable curry for all interested visitors.

Amnesty Interactive, a collaborative project between Ignition and Amnesty International USA, presented by Ignition's Eli Cochran

Positively Sixth Street, a photo cd of photographs and stories by members of the Sixth Street Photography Workshop in San Francisco, was presented by its producers. These include: members of the workshop; Tom Ferentz ; Workshop Director; producers Ron Scher and Mary Elings of Custom Process; and designer Sandra Ragan.

The Mill Valley History Project. presented by teacher Amy Faulkner from Mill Valley School

VIZAbility presented by project director Kristina Hooper Woolsey, Distinguished Scientist from Apple Computer, and multimedia designers from Metadesign.

Bay Area Art Finder, Making Sense of Modern Art, andVoices and Images of California Art, new multimedia projects from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, were presented by SFMOMA's the Program Manager for Interactive Educational Technologies, Peter Samis.

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