Multimedia Playground

Multimedia Playground '95, was the second annual exhibition designed by the Exploratorium to offer visitors direct personal experience with emerging digital technologies.

One of the most compelling aspects of these technologies is that they encourage new collaborative possibilities for research, design, and learning. With this in mind, Multimedia Playground '95 presented a variety of special projects that have been created from diverse professional and creative partnerships, or from a strong sense of collaboration and community access. It is our hope that by creating an opportunity for greater access and understanding of these technologies, we will help generate participation in the many ways in which new technologies are influencing our lives.

The Multimedia Playground '95 ran from January 21, 1995 through March 12, 1995. In these pages you will find information about the exhibit, events that occured, and information about ongoing projects and exhibits at the Exploratorium.

This exhibit would not have been possible without the generous support of a number of sponsors.

Exhibits at the Multimedia Playground

Additional Events and Lectures

The Curators of Multimedia Playground '95, Susan Schwartzenberg and Ali Sant.

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