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Bottle Blast Off

Going Further

  • Try making a rocket with a different number of fins, like three or five.

  • When launching the rocket, try pointing the rocket at different angles.

  • Try making a rocket with different kinds of paper to see if it goes faster.

Background Science

Glider Boy Video
See a video of a boy who is enthusiastic about making gliders from Teacher’s Domain.
Ages: 5+

NASA’s Rocket Aerodynamics site for Kids
Learn some basics about rocket aerodynamics like lift, drag, weight, and thrust.
Ages: 11+

NASA’s Beginner’s Guide to Rockets
Learn basic math and physics that govern the design and flight of rockets.
Ages: 11+

Projectile Simulation
Use this interactive to explore the properties of projectile motion—the motion of an object thrown or projected into the air at an angle.
Ages: 11+

Exploratorium - How to Make an Inclinometer
This activity provides instructions for building inclinometers which are devices that measure the height of a distant object.
Ages: 9+

Projectile Motion to the Rescue
Use this website to learn more about the math and physics involved in projectiles launched via catapults in the Module Overview section.
Ages: Educators

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Explore more things to make and do