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Going Further

  • Try using different kinds cups like paper, plastic, Styrofoam, or a tin can.

  • Try using different kinds of string like fishing twine, bakery box string, or yarn.

  • Try using different fabric to pull on the string to make a sound.

  • Decorate the outside of the paper cup with markers.

Background Science

Cuíca from Wikipedia
Learn about the cuíca, a Brazilian friction drum used in samba music.
Ages: 11+

Can You Find the Highest Note?
Play online keyboards and learn about auditory illusions.
Ages: 12+

The Sound Site
Listen to sound clips—from a tree in the wind to a toilet flushing—or add your own sounds to the library on this Science Museum of Minnesota site .
Ages: 10+

Vocal Vowels
This online exhibit from the Exploratorium lets you listen and understand how a duck call can be transformed into a human vowel sound.
Link: http://www.exploratorium.edu/exhibits/vocal_vowels/vocal_vowels.html
Ages: 11+

History of Carnival in Brazil
Learn about the ancient roots of the world’s best street party, and how the festival is celebrated in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia.

Ages: 12+

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
Listen to an oddly familiar story comprised of unfamiliar words, and learn how the rhythm and melody of a language can be more important than the actual words.
Ages: 8-19   


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Explore more things to make and do