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Going Further

Try attaching legs to a different body, like a plastic bowl or a lid from a pickle jar.

  • Make a jitterbug that draws by attaching paper-clip legs and a motor to a large felt-tip marker for the body.

  • Try adding a switch to the motor and batteries to turn the bug on and off.

  • Add holiday lights for eyes and make them light up with batteries.

Background Science

About Electrical Circuits

Circuit Builder
Learn how to build a circuit by playing this online game.
Ages: 5-10

Hands-on Physics
See diagrams of different kinds of electrical circuits and learn how circuits work.
Ages: 11-18

About Vibrations

Secret Bells Activity
The site shows kids how to make bells and chimes out of forks, spoons, and string, and explains how sound works.
Ages: 5-10

Ear Guitar Activity
The site shows kids how to make a simple intercom with cups, soap, and string, and explains about vibrations and hearing.
Ages: 5-10

About Insects and Bugs

Let's Talk about Insects
A colorful cartoon-like slide show about insects; there are both English and Spanish versions.
Ages: 5-10

Koday's Kids Amazing Insects
Photos of more than 50 different insects, from butterflies to stink bugs.
Ages: 3-18

3D Insects
See 3D bugs and learn how virtual insects are created.
Ages: 13+

Roach Anatomy
Look inside a roach and learn about its “guts.”
Ages: 11+

Bug Bios
Site-in-progress with photos of insects as well as information about insects in art and history.
Ages: 13+

PBS Alien Empire
Play with multimedia presentations and games about bugs, including an “insect scramble.”
Ages: 11+

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Explore more things to make and do