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Sound Sandwich

Going Further

  • Try adding another layer to your Sound Sandwich with a craft stick, straws, and rubber band.

  • Try making a Sound Sandwich with smaller craft sticks like popsicle sticks.

  • Try using different-sized rubber bands that are placed lengthwise across the craft stick.

Background Science

Let's Hear It for the Ear!
Learn about the different parts of the ear and how they work.
Ages: 5-10

The Science of Music
Mix your own songs, join an online drum circle, or learn more about sound on this Exploratorium site.
Ages: 11+

Finding the Sweet Spot
Do a baseball and bat activity that teaches about waves and vibrations.
Ages: 11+

Science of Sound Activities and Lessons
A collection of activities, including animations of sound.
Ages: Educators

Animations of Waves and Vibrations
Ages: Educators

Teacher's Guide - Traveling Sounds (Grades 3-5)
Ages: Educators

Teacher's Guide – “How Ears Work” Group Activity (Grades 5-8)
Ages: Educators

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Explore more things to make and do