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Stripped Down Motor

Going Further

  • Try making a coil with a bigger or smaller diameter.
  • Flip the battery terminals (flip the battery upside down). Watch what happens.
  • Try new motor designs.
  • Flip your magnet. See what happens to the spin.
  • Use an additional magnet and place it in various locations.  See if you can make it spin faster or stronger (one on top and one on bottom works best).
  • Get a more powerful magnet or use a bigger stack of magnets and see what happens.
  • Attach a very light string to the motor’s axis. See if you can lift, pull, or activate something (like starting a fall of dominoes).
  • Put a disk on one end of the motor’s axel and make it spin.
  • Here are some ideas of what you can do with the disk:
    • Draw something on it.
    • Make a whirling watcher out of it.
    • Make a stroboscope out of it.
    • Make colors spin and blend together.

Background Science

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Explore more things to make and do