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Color Chromatography

Going Further

Suggestions for Use

  • Use to explore the differences between light and pigment
  • Use to introduce plant chromatography
  • Use in an art project
  • Use in a lesson about biochemistry
  • Use as part of a crime lab science lesson

Background Science

Color Chromatography
A web-based interactive where you mix and match millions of different background colors using just red, blue, and green.
Ages: 9+

White Light and Colored Light
Two activities in which learners "take apart" white light and then "put it back together again."
Ages: 5+

Extending Paper Chromatography Inquiry
Learn how to make simple modifications to a standard paper chromatography lesson.
Ages: 11+

Molecular Expressions: Color Separation
An interactive simulation for introductory physics students that explores how individual subtractive primary colors can be separated from a full-color photograph.
Ages: 15+

Primary Colors of Light and Pigments
An interactive activity that teaches about the primary colors of light and pigment.
Ages: 11+

How We See: The First Steps in Human Vision
Activities (and an article) exploring ancient vs. modern theories of vision.
Ages: Educator

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