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Afterschool Digital Library Project

Afterschool settings provide wonderful places for children to be creative—working together to make their own science toys, explaining how things work, asking questions, and having fun with friends. Itís also a great place for science and math enrichment.

The goal of the Exploratorium Digital Library Afterschool Project is to provide resources for afterschool educators to support science and math enrichment. The resources are drawn from the Exploratorium's Digital Library (www.exploratorium.edu/library), one of the many collections of the National Science Digital Library (nsdl.org).

Educators visiting the site will learn different afterschool activities through digital videos, concept maps, links to science explanations, educator tips, and related activities.

Exploratorium team members

Sherry Hsi, Principal Investigator/Project Lead
Vivian Altmann, Lead Workshop Instructor
Cassandra Byrd, Program Coordinator/Science Teacher
Erin Van Rheenen, Senior Writer/Editor
Eric Muller, Science Teacher/Activity Designer
Alyson Abriel, Robin Marks, Jennifer Mattson, and Rob Rothfarb, Web Developers
Lynn Rankin and Fred Stein, Professional Developers
Rosa Falanga, Digital Librarian
Megan Bury, Cataloger
Aaron Kline, Digital Library Programmer
Dia Felix, Videographer
Amy Snyder, Esther Kutnick, Photographers

Collaborators at CalSAC.org

Ruth Obel-Jorgensen, Project Director
with Kica Gazmuri, Annie Nogg, Jennifer Riggs, and Arron Jiron.

Thanks to CalSAC and their trainee network for invaluable help with outreach and training. They spread the word about the Afterschool Digital Library Project and the National Science Digital Library (NSDL), and taught afterschool program leaders and front-line staff how to take full advantage of these libraries.

This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DUE-0532756.

  • Bee Hummer
  • Bottle Blast Off
  • Color Chromatography
  • Cuica
  • Cup Speakers
  • Ice Balloons
  • Jitterbug
  • Sound Sandwich
  • Stripped Down Motor
  • Water Bottle Membranophone
  • Whirling Watcher

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Explore more things to make and do