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Black Box

Black Box

The Black Box, an 800-square-foot media space located within the West Gallery, provides a dedicated space for a rotating program of immersive installations focusing on human behavior and social interaction. The environment provides guest artists with a controlled light and sound environment for the presentation of work in a range of formats, including film, video, photography, sculpture, and interactive media.

Lynette Wallworth

Lynette Wallworth’s Invisible by Night will inaugurate the West Gallery’s Black Box media space at the museum's new home at Pier 15. This quietly interactive video installation responds to the visitor's touch and projects a life-sized woman whose eternal pacing can be interrupted by the viewer.

04/16/2013 to 09/29/2013
Ben Levy

Benjamin Levy began working on Comfort Zone as an Exploratorium artist-in-residence in 2011. An immersive, participatory installation exploring choreography, group dynamics, collaboration, and social boundaries, this project presents compelling conceptual and practical challenges.

10/22/2013 to 10/31/2014