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Long Modified Bench San Francisco

Long Modified Bench San Francisco

10/18/2013 to 04/20/2014

The Exploratorium is pleased to announce a newly commissioned work by Danish artist Jeppe Hein. Hein’s looping Long Modified Bench San Francisco animates the public promenade of the Embarcadero, one of San Francisco’s busiest pedestrian walkways.

Literally turning the standard-issue park bench on its head, the project’s sculptural forms inspire play and improvisation as well as new forms of social engagement and communication. This site-specific installation reminds us that social behavior is shaped by art and design, and vice versa.

“For me, the concept of sculpture is closely linked with communication,” says Hein. “I want to show that the work isn’t anything on its own, it is only what the public informs it with. The viewer’s role brings the piece to the center of attention.”

Marina McDougall, Director of the Exploratorium’s Center for Art & Inquiry, describes the work as “perfect for the Exploratorium because it depends on participation for activation. It provokes us to consider how social interactions in public spaces might be re-imagined or re-scripted with fresh ideas.”

Hein is an internationally recognized artist based in Denmark and Berlin. He primarily employs sculptural means to investigate perception and reflection. His most recent solo exhibition, A Smile for You, was on view through July 2013 at Bonniers Konstall in Stockholm.