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Cells Alive
At this site you can view excellent illustrations, electron micrographs, animations, and Quicktime movies of cells and how they function.

Virtual Anatomy Project
This site has excellent movies that take you inside of body structures, such as a heart valve and the trachea.

Human Body Explorations

Nothing is more fascinating than the human body! We all have one, and we're intimately familiar with what it can do. But why and how does it do the things it does? The hands-on investigations in this Exploratorium publication lead to a better understanding of many of the intriguing and mysterious aspects of the body, both macroscopic and microscopic.

The Visible Human Project
This page is the Web site for the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project®. The project was designed to provide a digital image data set of a complete human male and female cadaver in MRI, CT and anatomical modes. At the site you can look at sampler images from the project and follow links to images and spectacular animations constructed by other groups using Visible Human Project data.

Atlas of the Human Body
This site has a graphical guide to different body systems and explanations of how the systems work. Various physical disorders and their effects on the body are also covered.

Vesalius Image Archive
This site features a collection of digital illustrations of various body systems and surgical procedures. There are also interactive ShockWave and QuickTime movies and anatomy quizzes. The site is primarily intended for medical professionals and students.

Master Muscle List
At this site you can look at illustrations of and learn about every muscle in the human body. Information is provided about each muscle's site of origin, action, insertion site, and associated nerve.

Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction
This site features mpeg movies that allow you to "fly through" human body systems.

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