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Human Image Dataset
At this site you can view images and "movies" made from sequential images of brain sections of a cryogenically frozen human brain.

Human Anatomy Online
You can click on illustrations of the human body to get information about various body systems.

Virtual Anatomy: Normal Radiologic Anatomy
At this site, you can look at X-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound images of various parts of the human body.

The Virtual Autopsy
The Virtual Autopsy from University of Leicester in England. This site provides case histories of deceased people along with photographs of their organ systems. You can use this information to help you determine the cause of death.

Anatomic Pathology Case of the Month
At this site you can learn about a variety of physical pathologies through case studies with images of affected body parts. A new case study is added each month, and you can browse through the case studies of previous months in the archive.

Virtual Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Simulator
This site shows how arthroscopic knee surgery is performed with a virtual simulator.

Resources and Hotlinks from the American Association of Anatomists
This site provides a list of anatomy resources available on the Internet.

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