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Anthropology and Prosthetics
At this site you can learn about prosthetics technologies and the social importance of prosthetics in different cultures.

Self-Representation in Upper Paleolithic Female Figurines
At this site is a study that "explores the logical possibility that the first images of the human figure were made from the point of view of self rather than other and concludes that Upper Paleolithic 'venus' figurines represent ordinary women's views of their own bodies." You can read the author's research and look at sketches of the "Venus" figurines.

Mummies of Ancient Egypt
This site has information about Egyptian mummies. You can learn about how mummies were made and read Egyptian myths about the afterlife. There is also a glossary, a timeline of Egyptian history, and a hieroglyphic dictionary.

To Cure and Protect: Sickness and Health in African Art
This is the Web site for a National Museum of Health and Medicine exhibition. The Web site parallels the exhibition, which "examines the ways sub-Saharan cultures depict health and sickness and how illness was treated by using works of art and utilitarian objects." Photos of African masks accompany the text.

Medical Anthropology Index
This site has extensive lists of resources on how different cultures view the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
This comprehensive site about Chinese medicine includes information on diagnosis and acupuncture, illustrations and much more.

Chinese Culture
This site gives a brief overview of Chinese medicine.

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