Historical Perspectives

Drawings of the Human Body: by Leonardo da Vinci
A sampling of the anatomical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci can be viewed at this site. Using image viewer interface, you can zoom in or out to view the details of the drawings.

Phrenology and Fine Arts
At this site there is an interactive guide to phrenology and many illustrations from 19th-century physiognomists.

Rene Descartes and the Legacy of Mind/Body Dualism
At this site you can learn about the history of thought on mind/body dualism, from Descartes to Pierre Janet. You can also look at photos of the many featured philosopher/scientists and illustrations that accompany the text of their work.

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation
This site recounts a person's visit to the Mutter Museum. She states that "The Mutter Museum is a museum which was opened by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia in 1863. It is a large collection of historical medical instruments and pathological medical models that are supposed to show the history of medicine√ĺ" You can look at photos of some of the exhibits, including a woman whose body turned into soap, skulls, tumors, and a giant colon. The official site for the museum is

Medical History
There is a good list of links to medical history Internet sites at this site. You can also learn about the history of medicine in Japan (if you can read Japanese). The opening page is in English, but many of the linked pages are in Japanese.


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