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What will you leave behind?

Meet 39-year-old Joseph Paul Jernigan.

In life he was a convicted murderer.

In death he's the ultimate anatomical specimen.

Joseph Jernigan died by lethal injection in 1993. His body was encased in gelatin, frozen, and carved into 1,862 transverse (horizontal) slices. Each millimeter-thin section was photographed, digitized, and electronically reassembled to create the "Visible Human Male," part of the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project.

In 1995, a 59-year-old Maryland woman became the first "Visible Human Female."

Doctors use these "Visible Humans" to plan surgeries. Medical students study their anatomy. You can peruse their most personal details on the World Wide Web.

If your remains might be used this way,
would you consider leaving your body to science?

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