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See science working in delicious ways with the following recipes:
Confused about gluten? Baffled by yeast? Try these activities.
Basic Raised Bread
Baking bread is part science and part art. Make the two come together by baking a loaf yourself.

Meal with injeraEthiopian Injera
Different grains make for very different breads. Find out more by making this delicious staple of the Ethiopian diet.

If You Start Me Up, I’ll Never Stop: A Basic Starter Recipe
Give yeast a little food and attention, and it will serve you for years to come.
Grape Sourdough Starter
See how fruit can add a distinctive flavor to your starter.

Berkeley Sourdough Bread
Yeast and bacteria have lives of their own. But by learning to control them, you can make a sourdough with just the right flavor.


Gluten BallsGoodness Gracious! Great Balls of Gluten!
Play with the stuff that makes dough stretchy.

Yeast-Air Balloons
How can a microscopic organism lift several pounds of dough? Find out with this activity. 

Yeast-Air Balloon

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