Digital Library

Welcome to the Exploratorium’s Digital Library. The different collections in the library include images, educational activities in PDF and HTML formats, QuickTime movies, streaming media, and audio files related to interactive exhibits and scientific phenomena. You can search, select, and download digital files for individual, noncommercial educational use. Large-scale or commercial use is strictly prohibited without permission (please see our Use Policy).

To request high-resolution versions for large-scale or commercial use please contact Requests by the media for use of any image should be coordinated through our press office.

Asset Archive

Asset Archive

A treasure trove of science- and Exploratorium-related digital images, movies, audio, and more—all available for use by the public., Webcasts, Podcasts, and Video Clips

Video streaming and downloadable media for broadband Internet from Iron Science Teacher shows and other science events, webcast from the Exploratorium studio and locations around the world.

Polar Media Collection

Polar Media Collection

Beginning in 2007, in celebration of the International Polar Year, the Exploratorium teamed up with scientists working in the Arctic and Antarctica to showcase current polar research, which we’ve presented in Webcasts as well as on our Ice Stories site. In this Ice Stories Polar Media Collection, you’ll find a selection of over a thousand of the best photos and videos created by our scientist-correspondents and the Exploratorium’s media producers. We’re making all of them available for use and download by teachers, students, media producers, and nonprofit groups, and noncommercial use by individuals.

Math Explorer

Math Explorer Activity Database

You can search for Exploratorium math activities that you (or your youth group) might enjoy in this special collection. The database includes both activities in the Math Explorer book and activities on the Exploratorium Web site.

SMILE pathway

SMILE Pathway

SMILE is a collection of learning activities, tools, and services designed especially for those who teach school-aged kids in nonclassroom settings.