The DNA Files


About The DNA Files Workshops

The DNA Files Workshops were created in conjunction with the award-winning public radio documentary series The DNA Files, produced by SoundVision Productions®. The workshops combine the Exploratorium’s science education expertise with SoundVision’s radio documentary resources and knowledge.


Founded in 1969, the Exploratorium is a museum of science, art and human perception dedicated to inspiring people’s natural curiosity about their world. Since its inception, the museum has focused on hands-on learning and inquiry. The Exploratorium is at the vanguard of the “museum as educational center” movement. www.exploratorium.edu

Dr. Joylette Portlock:

Dr. Portlock was the lead-developer for The DNA Files Workshops. A scientist and educator, she holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from MIT and a Ph.D. in genetics from Stanford University. Joylette contributed her deep scientific knowledge about DNA and genetics to every aspect of the project: curriculum and materials development, testing the workshops at the Exploratorium, and creating the documentation for the web site.

The DNA Files radio series:

Hosted by John Hockenberry and guided by an outstanding panel of advisors, The DNA Files radio documentaries and features explore the science of genetics and its ethical, social and legal implications. Produced by SoundVision Productions® and distributed by National Public Radio, the series has met with wide acclaim both across the country and internationally. www.dnafiles.org

NSF Logo

The DNA Files Workshops were developed by the Exploratorium® as an outreach component of The DNA Files public radio documentary series with funding from National Science Foundation Grant No. ESI 0452611.

The DNA Files radio programs are produced by Sound Vision Productions® with funding from the National Science Foundation as well as the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Institutes of Health, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation U.S. Department of Energy National Institutes of Health