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Come join us on Exploratorium Island in the virtual world of Second Life for an eclipse Webcast viewing party, complete with interactive exhibits and music. The live video stream will also be available at other locations in Second Life, including the International Spaceflight Museum, the SciLands Skyditorium, the Pi Day Theater at the Sploland sim, the Science School sim, and the Spindrift sim.

Experience the total solar eclipse in Second Life at
the amphitheater on Exploratorium Island.

The eclipse Webcast replay will be available on-demand in the amphitheater, approximately one hour after the live event.

Learn more about eclipses through exhibits in Second Life that show the sun-earth-moon system to scale. Understand how eclipses happen the Second Life way, by placing your avatar into the exhibit. Second Life residents are invited to explore all the Exploratorium’s interactive exhibits to learn about solar science and points of interest along the path of totality in China. Visit a virtual yurt and listen to a specially composed soundtrack of indigenous music from the path of totality region in central Asia.

Eclipse exhibit in Second Life

Put yourself into an eclipse! Here, a Second Life avatar puts her head into the umbra—the part of the moon’s shadow that excludes all the sun’s light—in this model of the earth, moon, and the sun during a total solar eclipse.

To participate in Second Life, go to, download and install the free Second Life viewer software, and join the community. Second Life residents can then travel in-world using the teleport feature of the viewer map or use one of the direct teleport links on this page.

To find out more about the Exploratorium’s exhibits and events in Second Life, please visit our Second Life page.


Exploratorium Amphitheater
Sploland Pi Day Theater

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