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Math Explorer: Searchable Math Games & Activities

Math Explorer: Searchable Math Games & Activities

Do you want to launch rockets? Learn magic tricks? Make cool stuff? You can do all that and more with The Math Explorer.

The Exploratorium created The Math Explorer for leaders who run afterschool programs for middle school youth. Why? Because more middle school kids would like math if they learned it the Exploratorium way. Because turning off to math closes off career paths. Because we want kids to see how math can be useful, interesting, and (dare we say it?) fun.

The Math Explorer has games for kids who like playing, crafts for kids who like making things, science experiments for kids who like to experiment. And for leaders, The Math Explorer has clear, simple explanations of math that you never learned (or you’ve forgotten).

Sample Activities

Here are a few sample activities from The Math Explorer.

Fantastic Four
Use the numbers on four cards to make up equations that equal the number on a fifth card.

Mind Reader
Do a card trick that's guaranteed to make you look like a mind reader.

Bottle Blast-Off!
Launch a rocket with a plastic pop bottle and use Height Site to figure out how high it flies.

Height Site
Make a tool that lets you measure how tall a building is or how high a rocket flies.

Greeting Card Boxes
Make cool boxes out of old (or new) greeting cards and postcards.

Flying Things
Hold a paper airplane contest and discover which plane flies the best.

Stride Ruler
Build a tool that lets you do estimates using your own feet.