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About Visitor Research & Evaluation

About Visitor Research & Evaluation

We pioneer new learning environments, programs, exhibits, and other tools that help people nurture their curiosity—but we don’t work blindly. We study the effect of much of what we do through research and evaluation.

We believe that research and evaluation are critical steps in understanding the nature of learning and in designing for learning innovation. Conducting research allows us to study learning broadly; evaluation enables us to consider how our work can be improved. The books, reports, and studies we produce don’t just affect our own work; they also influence learning in informal environments and in the museum field worldwide.

Our Visitor Research and Evaluation (VRE) group conducts research studies on learning in informal environments at the Exploratorium, as well as evaluation studies that inform and improve the exhibits and programs developed here. A variety of reports and publications produced by VRE are available online, along with information about VRE projects, such as GIVE (Group Inquiry by Visitors at Exhibits).

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