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The "Find the Highest Note" site was created in an Interactive Multimedia Intensive seminar at The Center for Electronic Art in San Francisco, CA. The seminar brought together students and instructors for a two week concentrated project. The diverse levels of skill and experience within the group produced a very effective collaboration which was a true team appproach. The project was completed through dedicated work after the original seminar. Thank you for the efforts of all the students and instructors who participated in this project

The subject of this site exists as a display in the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco. At this display, the public plays an electronic keyboard which produces the musical phenomenom. The goal of the CEA group was to recreate the experience of this display as an interactive web site, complete with explanations and links for further research. In this way the web site goes further than the display. Please let us know how you feel the site works.

The Center for Electronic Art has been teaching multimedia classes since 1988/87. It's ciriculum includes the full spectrum of digital media, including 3D animation, video, desktop publishing, web site development and general interactive media. CEA has a web site accessible from the banner at the left or from the botton of the pages.

The 3D movies on this site were created in Extreme 3D 1, animated in Macromedia Director 5.0 and made suitable for the web with the Afterburner Director Extra.


Jamie Hass
Delery Hurston
Shoaib Nabi
Jack Salvador

Jill Sheldon
Randy Turley

Interface Design
Graphics, Interface Design
Graphics, Interface Design
Ass't Project Manager; 3D "Keyboard",
HTML, Interface Design
3D "Helix", HTML, Interface Design
Interface Design


Robert Altman
Tom Bair
Richard Hagan
Harold Hedelman
Eric Oesterle
Lauren Steinhauer

Project Manager; HTML, Interface Design
Premiere & Sound Edit 16
Extreme 3D
Animation Design, Interface Design
Interface Design
Macromedia Director/Shockwave

"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream."

­Edgar Allan Poe, A Dream Within a Dream

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