Frog City
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Mural Interview with mayor continued:

[Why are there so many frogs in Rayne?]

"Back in the days before underground irrigation, farmers got water into their fields through irrigation canals. They would start up the water well, which would put water into the canals that ran from field to field, and farmers could direct the water where they needed it to go. Because of this influx of water in their agricultural fields, these fields became even more attractive to the frogs that were already there, and their population grew."

Even when buying groceries one can't get around the ubiquitous frog imagery. This bit of frog wisdom appears on the side of the Rayne Food Center and was painted by high school art teacher Pat Brignac. [Click for a larger image.]  

RealAudio"Monsieur" Petitjean talks about Rayne's Acadian heritage.

RealAudioIn this clip, find out why there were so many frogs in Rayne.

  The free RealPlayer is required to hear these clips. [Need Help?]   Artist Robert Dafford was hired to paint some of the larger murals, including this dramatic trompe l'oeil. [Click for a larger image.]



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