Electronic Guidebook Research Project
Who are the audiences
More on audiences
How does the Guidebook system operate?
User Interface
How do people use the Guidebook?
What kinds of information does the Guidebook present?
  How did we test the Guidebook’s use and effectiveness?
More Studies
  How did Explainers respond to Wi-Fi–enabled handhelds?
A large percentage of visitors describe the experience of visiting the Exploratorium as "overwhelming" due to the richness and depth of information available at and around the exhibits, and to the variety of stimulation provided by hundreds of visitors of all ages interacting in a cavernous indoor space.
Wireless technology can provide access to more information and in-depth experiences than could possibly be presented on traditional exhibit graphics.
Although many projects already provide mediation of exhibits for general visitors, Exploratorium staff have always been interested in developing new and expanded interactive learning experiences for teachers and their students.
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