Electronic Guidebook Research Project
Who was the Guidebook designed for?
How does the Guidebook system operate?
User Interface
How do people use the Guidebook?
What kinds of information does the Guidebook present?
  Executive Summary
Key Questions
Content Types
Media Format Preferences
Audience Preferences
Basic Affordances
Changes in User Behavior
Personalizing the Guidebook
More Studies
How did Explainers respond to Wi-Fi–enabled handhelds?
  Because other studies have found that people prefer audio in a museum environment, we wanted to find out if this was true in the Exploratorium's louder, more interactive environment. This gave users a choice of audio, video or text and asked them about which media format they preferred and why.
  Users liked having a choice, but the format they chose depended on the content. Video was a good format for showing new and interesting ways to use the exhibit, especially if watching a clip allowed users to replicate the interaction themselves. Users did prefer that the people depicted in the clip talked to them instead of to other people in the video. Sound clips were most successful when they allowed the listener to hear an interesting sound, such as a dog barking up the long Echo Tube or someone singing in a tunnel. Text was the preferred format for learning about the exhibit itself and its related phenomena.
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