Electronic Guidebook Research Project
Who was the Guidebook designed for?
How does the Guidebook system operate?
User Interface
How do people use the Guidebook?
What kinds of information does the Guidebook present?
  Executive Summary
Key Questions
Content Types
Media Format Preferences
Audience Preferences
Basic Affordances
Changes in User Behavior
Personalizing the Guidebook
More Studies
How did Explainers respond to Wi-Fi–enabled handhelds?
  We created the content with experienced Exploratorium exhibit users in mind, but those users would still have different needs and interests and would react differently to different kinds of content. Instead of building the device with one kind of user in mind (e.g., a teacher, explainer or member), we added content that might interest each of them. Would their interests and interactions with the device overlap? How different would their needs and experiences be?
All of the users tended to like the friendly, hands-on design and voice of the device. Everyone liked seeing someone who they could relate to: Teachers enjoyed seeing teachers, explainers liked seeing other Explainers, etc. Staff members liked the "exhibit evolution" pages and "behind-the-scenes" stories. Members wanted short, straightforward explanations, while teachers appreciated more in-depth teaching and learning exercises (but did not want to read them or try them during their actual visit). Everyone enjoyed content that was playful, funny or beautiful.
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