Electronic Guidebook Research Project
Who was the Guidebook designed for?
Technology Infrastructure
Technologies Tested
How To Use the Guidebook
How the Guidebook Works
User Interface
How do people use the Guidebook?
What kinds of information does the Guidebook present?
  How did we test the Guidebook’s use and effectiveness?  
More Studies
  How did Explainers respond to Wi-Fi–enabled handhelds?

• Logitech QuickCam web cameras accompanying some exhibits were connected to a wireless-networked computer running ConquerCam image capture software.
• Exhibit images could be saved to users' personalized web pages.

• Handheld PCs with Orinoco wireless network card and network card and headphones
• Video and audio capability, animated GIFs


• The 720 ran "Glimmer," an HP-customized version of Internet Explorer, which enabled users to save information to a personalized web page and could receive information from infrared beacons

• HP Labs' CoolTown infrared beacons broadcast the URL associated with an exhibit to users' handheld devices over an 802.11b wireless network.

• Users could swipe an RFID card by an associated RFID reader to save information about an exhibit to a personalized web page.

• While at the Museum, exhibit information could be saved to users' personalized web page. This made it possible to read and interact with exhibit information both before and after their visit.

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