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17716 - On the Avenue of Palms, Looking East Towards the Southern Pacific R. R. Bldg.,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

It seems credible that so sort a time ago the hardy sea grasses grew where now stand the palaces and palms that blend into a new picture. On the avenue of Palms in the Exposition grounds the trees range from eighteen to twenty-five feet in height. There is a double row of them throughout the length of the half-mile of the Avenue. The trunks of these trees are planted with hardy ferns and ivy geraniums and nasturtiums. Passion vines, planted at the base, trail up the trunks and out on their great fronds, dropping their brilliant flowers from the ends. The view here given does full justice to the transporting scene.

The Avenue of Palms extends along the entire south side of the quadrangle of Palaces. Its western terminus joins with the Avenue of Nations, and its eastern terminus united with Progress Avenue just across which may be seen in the background of this picture the Southern Pacific R. R. Building. The eastern extension of the Avenue of Palms is "The Zone."

The double row of palms here shown is duplicated just across the street from this to the right, and that double row also extends the length of the Avenue of Palms. To the south, that is toward the right of this scene, lie the South Gardens.

Original Stereograph

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