Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17717--Festival Hall and Flower Beds as Seen from the South gardens,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

Upon passing through the main entrance to the Exposition grounds the visitor finds himself in the midst of a paradise of flowers. This is called the South Gardens. They are about 3000 feet long, and are a marvel of landscape engineering skill. They look like a magic carpet spread out over which one might walk to enchanted palaces. Such, indeed, it is. For just ahead of the visitor is the Tower of Jewels. To his left marking the western border of the Gardens is the Palace of Horticulture. To his right is the beautiful Festival Hall which you see here.

This building during the life of the Exposition will be the scene of many great festivals and choral competitions entered into by the various singing organizations of the world.

Festival Hall is built in the French theatre style of architecture with one large dome and various minor domes and minarets whose chief use is decorative. The main hall seats 300 people.

The South Garden, the most pretentious of all the gardens, is surrounded by a low balustrade, with pools, fountains and vases of various designs to give accent. The building in the left background is the Pacific R. R. Building.

The lighting of the Festival Hall marks a new departure in the lighting of the interiors of large auditoriums. In a pit beneath the center of the floor are placed twelve searchlights which are set to throw their beams upward into a diffusing disc of thick glass, sandblasted on the underside which distributes the light over the dome covering the auditorium.

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