Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17718 "Fountain of Energy" in the South Gardens, Press Bldg. in the Background at the Right,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

As the visitor enters the South Gate of the Exposition grounds he sees before him in the exact center of the South gardens the Fountain of Energy. As the Exposition opened the basins of these fountain were set in solid gold rims of yellow pansies with an embossed design of daffodils. Later in the season, as the "gold tarnishes" scarlet tulips will fill in full bloom transplant the pansies, and they in turn will yield their sway to begonias. the statue here shown illumined. Concealed batteries project softened rays of light at the will of the operator. It will be seen that this reflected light appears no less brilliant than does the light that shows in the luster of lamps.

The Fountain of Energy, a joyous aquatic triumph, celebrates the completion of the Panama Canal. This Fountain stands to the south of the Court of the Universe. At the north of this Court is the Column of Progress, surmounted with "An Adventurous Archer." This signifies a venture. The Fountain of Energy proclaims the success of that venture.

The sculptor must have been in a playful mood as he worked out his grotesque designs. But with all their grotesqueness the figures express energy, an energy that can still be playful after great toil and exertion. Such at any rate is the attempted portrayal by the artist.

The Press Building shown in the background at the right stands immediately within the entrance to the grounds. The observer looks directly toward the City of San Francisco.

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