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17719 - Arch of "Nations of the East" and Reclining Figure, "The Elements," in the Court of the Universe,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The great central court, or the court of honor of the Exposition is the Court of the Universe, which is designed to represent the meeting of the hemispheres. This Court is 700 feet wide and 900 feet long. There is a sunken garden in the center. At its eastern and western ends there are Triumphal Arches that at the eastern end representing the Orient, and that at the western end, the Occident. Here the art of the sculptor has been raised to its highest power.

The hugeness of this masonry and architecture can be gauged in part by the size of men who are seen at the base of the arch. The statuary surmounting the Arch consists of an Arabian horseman at the left, next a camel with its rider, then an elephant and in succession another camel and horseman. Be[hind them are people standing who are of Eastern type.

The figure reclining in the foreground of the picture is one of four within this Court representing "The Elements," and around the colonnade as well as on the face of the Arch are seen other sculptured figures.

The steps down which the persons in the foreground are passing lead down into the sunken gardens.

Original Stereograph

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