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17720 - "Fountain of the Earth" in the Court of Abundance,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The central group of buildings of the Exposition is eight in number and forms a quadrangle. The buildings face upon avenues and are separated from each other by lesser avenues. Where these lesser avenues intersect are located the "Courts." The main Court is "The Court of the Universe." From this radiate the lines that run out to other smaller courts, one of which, the Court of Abundance is shown in this view.

The Court of Abundance lies just to the east of the Court of the Universe. At its four corners are the Transportation Palace, Mine and Metallurgy Palace, Manufactures Palaces and Varied Industries Palace. Within the Court of Abundance are seven groups of statuary, of which one, "The Fountain of the Earth," is here shown. This piece is in the central pool. The architecture here shown is the Spanish-Moorish type. The Court is dedicated to music, dancing, acting and pageantry. The statuary surmounting the colonnade is designed to illustrate these.

Original Stereograph

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