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17769 - California State Building,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The California Host Building shown in this view represents with the displays it contains an expenditure of more than two millions of dollars, and is by far the largest of any state building ever erected at an exposition. It is built after the old Spanish Mission style, with many bell turrets, and covers five acres of ground. In the patios about which the building is erected fountains play and flowers bloom. A statue of Junipero Serra, father of the missions, stands in the center of the forecourt, extending silent welcome.

The building stands at the extreme north edge of the Exposition grounds on the shore of the Bay of San Francisco. It is just within the Golden Gate and here in a very literal sense California, hostess of the world, extends her welcome to the guests who come to enjoy this display with her. The two executive boards, the Women's Board and the Executive Committee, have their quarters within this building.

Although two-thirds of the visitors to the Panama-Pacific Exposition will enter the grounds through the gates from the side next the city, the Exposition faces toward the sea, in greeting to the nations from afar who will pass through the Isthmian gateway or that come from eastern lands.

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