Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17770 - Lagoon and N. W. Section of Columns of Fine Arts Palace,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The northern section of the Palace of Fine Arts, a part of which is seen in this view, with its fluted columns appearing through the mist and spray from the fountain playing in the foreground is a thing of beauty. Its peristyle seems to rise from the mirror surface, of the of the Fine Arts Lagoon. Its surfaces, real and reflected, shine resplendently in the sunshine. At night, however, they present even a greater splendor. Then the columns seem aglow and so superheated that when they plunge their projection to the water below it is unable to extinguish their flame. The brilliancy of the light at night is quite conceivable when a person recalls the fact that the great reflectors have a combined power of six billion five hundred million candles. It is this that makes each statue, heroic group, or fa┴ade of palaces to stand out with a light as bright as day but as subdued as moonlight.

This picture is taken from the Administration Avenue, looking directly across the northern end of the Fine Arts Lagoon. It seems incredible that so short a time ago the sea grasses were growing where all this beauty now stands.

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