Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17771--View From N. E. Corner of Horticultural Palace to Festival Hall Showing "Fountain of Energy" in Action.
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The visitor to the Exposition at San Francisco having been admitted to the Exposition graounds through the Scott Street entrance finds himself at once in the South Gardens. The chief architectural adornment of this part of the grounds is the two buildings at the east and west ends, the Festival hall and the Horticultural Building. This view is taken from the Horticultural Palace at the west end of the South Gardens and looks directly across the expanse of the Gardens with the Fountain of Energy in the center of the grounds. The magnificent Festival Hall is shown in the distance, marking the eastern limits of the gardens.

Festival Hall, a creation from the brain of Robert Farquhar of Los Angeles, is fronted by the flowery acres of the gardens that fringe the lagoons and fountains. On occasions, the sound of splashing water is lost when the voice of the great organ resounds from the hall. The lighting of this building is unique. The interior of the large auditorium is lighted from a pit beneath the center of the floor, where are placed 12 searchlights, which are set to throw their beams upward into a diffusing disc of thich glass, which distributes the light over the auditorium. The city of San Francisco is shown in the distance to the right of Festival Hall. The arch, or rather the succession of arches shown at the right, form the Scott Street entrance.

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