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17772 - The Start! Baby Vanderbilt Cup Race, Athletic Field,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The grounds of the Exposition comprise 635 acres, divided into three sections. In the center are grouped the main exhibit palaces and Festival Hall. To the east lie 65 acres devoted to the Zone, the melting pot into which have been poured "The Midway," "The Pike," "The Pay Streak," and "The Trail" of other expositions. To the west, spreading fan-shaped along the Bay of San Francisco, are located the pavilions of the foreign nations and the imposing buildings of the State, while beyond these are the live stock exhibit buildings and race track, covering 65 acres, the aviation field and drill grounds capable of showing 10,000 troops at one time.

The view here is the start of the Baby Vanderbilt Cup Race held on the one-mile trotting track. The enormous grandstand, a portion of which is shown here, extends for fully a quarter of a mile on the south side of the track. This race was held on Washington's Birthday, 1915.

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