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17774 - The beautiful Canadian Bldg.,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The Canadian Building is situated on the Avenue of Nations. The view here gives but a partial glimpse of it as seen from the front lawn of the Swedish Pavilion. It is easy to think that the lion at the door is the "British Lion" typical of this nation. The British coat-of-arms over the doorway proclaims the national allegiance.

The government of Canada appropriated $300,000 for the pavilion, which is one of the most impressive on the grounds, and another equal sum for its displays. The exhibits were among the first to reach the Exposition, and these were ready for the inspection of visitors weeks before the opening. These exhibits include every known product and resource of the country.

Canadian fisheries, forests fields and mines have been laid under tribute to make its exhibit. Supplementary to the exhibit within this building is the part that Canada takes in making up the display in other exhibits, as, for example, in the Palace of Fine Arts, and elsewhere in the Exposition.

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