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17775 - Southeast Over Festival Hall From an Altitude of 250 Feet in the Tower of Jewels,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

This closer view of Festival Hall is of interest. It was taken from the Tower of Jewels at an elevation of 250 feet, thereby giving a reasonably accurate conception of the height of Festival Hall. The view looks in a southeasterly direction over the City of San Francisco.

The main auditorium of Festival Hall seats about 3000 persons. Within it is built the large pipe organ, said to be seventh in size in the world. Here will be presented the great festivals during the life of the Exposition. Choral competitions will be entered into by the various singing societies of the world. The picture shows to a good advantage the stately minarets that grace four corners of the building.

The Exposition is built on a scale so superlative that its individual buildings do not measure up to their real proportions. The hugeness of this structure may be faintly realized by observing how diminutive is the man who is walking on the pavement just at the head of the lagoon.

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