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17776 - Looking Over the South Gardens to the Tower of Jewels From the Southeast Corner of Horticultural Palace
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The view here shown of the Tower of Jewels is taken from the southeast corner of the Palace of Horticulture and looks across the South Gardens and the Avenue of Palms. The dome just beyond the tower is that of the Palace of Manufacturers.

The Tower of Jewels is easily the most commanding piece of architecture on the grounds and is distinct in its type, there being no other building or structure of any sort that is of the same type. It is 435 feet high and rises to its great elevation by a succession of steps of diminishing area. On the tower are 135,000 specially cut prisms in the color of ruby, emerald, diamond and other precious stones. Behind each of these is a mirror to heighten the scintillating power of the separate gems. In the sunlight and in the artificial light it is equally beautiful.

Just out of view at the right foreground on this picture is the Fountain of Energy. The observer looks directly towards the archway that gives entrance to the Court of the Universe. On either side of this archway may be seen the equestrian statues of "Pizarro" and "Cortez." The Twin Towers at the end of the fa┴ade mark the south entrance into the Court of Abundance.

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