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17777 - Under the Main Dome in the Palace of Horticulture,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

This view gives but a glimpse of the interior of the Horticultural Palace, showing as it does the tropical jungle that occupies the central spot under the rotunda of the main building. The night illumination of this structure proceeds from a battery of searchlights that sends its rays up through the heart of this jungle. By various devices of lenses and colored glasses multi-colored effects are wrought that are almost bewildering in their variety and beauty.

The section in the left foreground is occupied by Cuban palms. The flag of that nation, with its bars of red and white and its single star in a field of blue, hangs from the staff before you.

The horticultural display on the outside of the palace occupies nine acres lying south of the palace. The plot about which great interest centers contains a competitive display of new, unnamed roses. A prize of $1000.00 will be awarded by the Exposition to the winning grower. The Exposition will then name the rose.

Original Stereograph

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