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17778 - Quaint Pavilion in the Gardens of Japan,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

Japan, the most notable participant in the various exhibits at Sa n Francisco, has gone to considerable outlay of money and labor in the construction in the exquisite gardens which surround the temples and tea pavilions of its quarters among the national buildings. Stone lanterns, running brooks, bamboo, iris, and above all the marvelous dwarfed trees, some of them very old, are blended with characteristic art. Japanese visitors are partial to their own exhibit and frequent the place in great numbers.

Japan's site is one of the largest in the foreign area, comprising nearly four acres. This is occupied almost to the last inch of space by a wonderful little transplanted section of the Temple of Kin Kaiju-trees, sods, and even the stones having been brought over and rearranged in exact semblance of the original, under direction and personal supervision of one of Japan's forestry experts.

In the pavilion here shown service is given by both American and Japanese girls.

Original Stereograph

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