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17779 - View of the City and the Exposition From Polk and Greenwich Sts.,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The view here given shows that part of San Francisco that lies just east of the Zone, the Zone, of course, marking the eastern extremity of the Exposition grounds. In the distance at the right is Fort Mason.

At the left of the picture is the Aeroscope, the newest and safest "thriller," and a subtsitute for the old time "Ferris Wheel," a device constructed to take passengers aloft and give them an outlook over the grounds and the city and harbor. Near it is the Racing Coaster , the track of which is discernable just this side of the Aeroscope.

That part of the city of San Francisco presents no attractive features, but that end of the Zone is alive with attractions. For example, just north of the Aeroscope lies the concession called Yellowstone Park. It has been called "condensed scenery." The Union Pacific System has transplanted the Yellowstone Park, mountains, waterfalls, and geysers, and even "Old Faithful," true to its name, rumbles and moans and spouts with the fidelity of the original. Here, too, the Santa Fe R. R. pulled the Grand Canyon up by the roots and transplanted it in the Zone. For 35 minutes over a standard gauge track visitors are hauled along the rim of this make-believe canyon. Sand, rocks, grasses and growing trees have all been transported. Everything is from the desert land with the exception of the water, which San Francisco furnishes.

Original Stereograph
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