Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17780 - "An Outcast," Statue in the U. S. Section of Department of Fine Arts,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

"The Outcast," utterly dejected and woebegone, by Attilio Piccirilli, occupies a place of exhibit in the U. S. section of the Palace of Fine Arts. In contrast to almost all the rest of these exhibits which have their floral setting, or their background of shrubbery, this one, as though to emphasize the utter dejection of the subject, compels him to sit alone.

In the Court of the Four Seasons are four figures representing the seasons by Piccirilli. Especially beautiful are his sculptural subjects, "Spring" and "Autumn," but while they are more appealing through their happier thought expressed, they are no more true to the subject protrayed than that expressed in the subject here.

Forty-two men in all have contributed their part to the sculptural enrichment of the Exposition at a cost of about $375,000. This does not take account of the exhibits in the Fine Arts which are the private property of individuals or societies and which it would take a king's ransom to buy.

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