Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17782 - "L'Amour" (Love) Statue in U. S. Section, Dept. of Fine Arts,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The painting and sculpture of every artistic nation of prominence is artistically shown in the Palace of Fine Arts, the western building of the main exhibit palaces. The structure itself is built of steel and concrete at a cost of $580,000. Within its walls are shown not only the works of contemporary artists, but the historic paintings and pieces of artists native and foreign. Its exterior has been suited to display marbles and bronzes, this being the only one in the long history of such expositions where it has been deemed feasible to permit the outdoor setting or display of sculpture. The only kind of embellishment given such works is the shrubbery and the flowers.

The piece shown in this picture is by Evelyn Beatrice Longman. It is entitled "L'Amour" (Love). The fountain "Ceres." In the Court of the Four Seasons, is another of her works.

Over 250 distinct groups and hundreds of individual pieces of statuary are shown at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. The more prominent of these are described in the views that deal particularly with them. Besides these these figures and groups are many beautiful friezes, spandrels, capitals, niches and columns decorated with allegorical subjects. This array justifies the opinion that this Exposition will rank high in making statuary one of its leading and interesting features.

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