Panama Pacific
International Exposition

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17783 - Fine Arts Palace,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The Palace of Fine Arts, which stands directly west of the main group of exhibit palace and separated from them by the Fine Arts Lagoon and by the Avenue of Administration, is here presented showing the contour of the building as it rounds into its semi-circular shape. One-half of its 1100 feet in length is here shown.

This building is modeled after Hadrian's Villa near Rome, Italy. It is fitting this should be so, as the Emperor Hadrian was famed as a patron of Fine Arts. Here is where pergola and peristyle curve halfway round a sheet of water, trees and bushes and priceless works of art give adornment.

The colonnades are uncovered, and beneath them the loan exhibit of sculpture is placed, this being the first time in the history of expositions when an outdoor setting has been considered feasible. Evelyn Beatrice Longman's piece entitled "L'Amour" (Love) stands just at the left in the foreground of this picture. The shrubbery planted close to the building and lending itself as background to the marble pieces is characteristic of this part of the Exposition.

The building is constructed entirely of concrete and steel at a cost of $580,000.

Original Stereograph

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