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17785 - An Exhibit of Cotton By the "Imperial Valley" in the California State Building,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

This is but one of the many exhibits shown in the great California Building. It would be the teacher's delight to take a class through this building. Suppose the subject were "cotton," and instantly before him ready for demonstration would be all the information needed to an understanding of the subject. Cotton as it grows, its seed, the meal, and various kinds of finished products would be found. The exhibit when traced to its ultimate sources would show cotton culture, cotton ginning, cotton botany, cotton manufacture and cotton distribution. The U. S. Government would supplement this instruction with its displays of things practical and theoretical touching the subject. This may be taken as a fair sample of the detail with which all subjects have been traced.

The California State Building stands at the northern end of the Administration Avenue and overlooks the Bay of San Francisco. It covers approximately five acres. In type its architecture is the Spanish Mission and in its towers are many bells. Here California performs her part as hostess to the world.

Both the Women's Board and the executive staff have headquarters in this building.

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