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17786 - Souvenir Watch Palace on the Zone,
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

The view here shows that end of the Zone that is next to the main exhibition palaces. The now familiar object, the Tower of Jewels, serves as the landmark. Proceeding thence to a nearer point we see the crowd finding its way about the Zone in search of fun.

The familiar figure of your "Uncle Sam" overlooks the front of the Watch Palace. Inside that "palace" is an exhibition showing what "makes the wheels go round" in the "watch that made the dollar famous." It would scarcely have been possible to have an up-to-date exhibition without a notice so commanding of an industry that has shared honors with "Big Ben" in marking the passage of time. The one tells a person when to arise in the morning and guarantees his appearance at his place of business on time; the other tells him when to catch his car for home at night.

The building standing at the head of the Zone is Ghirardelli's factory. Within explanation is made without any verbal assistance of the process of changing a few cocoa beans into a cake of chocolate. Eight machines are needed to perform this highly intricate and specialized work. Chocolate in the making needs much pampering, else it has a tendency to sulk. This factory vies with Baker's Cocoa where the prim, be-capped lady who has been the quality mark of that commodity for a century and a half has stepped down from her label-in fact a dozen replicas of her-and serves hot chocolate and cocoa to the ever present stream of purchasers.

Original Stereograph

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