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17787 - Dancing Girls and Musicians in the Gardens of the Mexican Village on the "Zone,"
Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif.

Interspersed among the various concessions of the "Zone" are typical villages and gardens of various nations, some in replica of famous spots known by the tourist world. While a great many of these so-called villages are decidedly educational, some are conducted for amusement only. The men and women of this colony, the Mexican Village, contribute their part to the levity of the "Zone." The music and the dancing are typical of their country. The costumes are in the main purely Mexican. The skirts with their adornment, the sombreros, the decorated coats, and the variegated scarfs proclaim their origin.

Mexico, although a near neighbor to the Exposition, has no considerable exhibit. She is, however, officially represented by Senor don Albino Nuncio, Chief of the Commission. As a nation her natural resources are great, but due to the internal dissensions she has had to contend with for a number of years past, these resources remain largely undeveloped.

The care-free temperament of her people is well illustrated in this company that appears in the Mexican village in the Zone. It is in itself a characteristic display of a people who live in today allowing tomorrow to take care of itself. The typical Mexican family is patriarchic in its government and in its size. These people represent a nation the milestones of whose upward progress are generations.

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